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Take a deep

breath, smell

the fresh air,

and relax.

Climatic Spa

Design:, Photo: Dieter Koch, Hans-Jürgen Dehn, Christa Gluschak

Tourist information


Bahnhof 2

D-27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen

Fon 04252 930050



Our community is home to three historical water mills and

four wind mills, which can all be visited on special mill-


Every year at the end of August, Bruchhausen-Vilsen proudly

hosts one of the largest fairs of Northern Germany for five

days. Visitors can enjoy the various rides, festival tents, crafts

offered, and, on the last day, the traditional horse market.

Wasser-Erlebnis-Spielplatz und

A 5.000 m


adventure playground with many things to disco-

ver – a place surely appealing to all senses. This playground

also lies in immediate proximity to the Museum-train, and the

mobile home camping site with space for approx. 40 mobile


The „Brokser Heiratsmarkt “

Mobile home camping site


Wind and water mills

Our climatic spa lies within lush green hills at the edge of the

High Geest. The historical center of the town is beautifully map-

ped with its old half-timbered houses framing the St. Cyriakus

church. Also in the center, you will find a great variety of bars,

bistros, cafés, and boutiques all inviting you to stroll along, go

shopping, or simply take a relaxing rest.

The surrounding nature of Bruchhausen-Vilsen is famous as

one of the most rewarding hiking spots in the Bremen vicinity.

Bike riders, too, are able to enjoy this impressive and diverse

environment. Our well-signed bike paths will guide you through

the joint community of Bruchhausen-Vilsen.

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